How to Write a Book Introduction

The most important chapter you will write in your book is the introduction. When people pick up your book to read they read the title first. Then they read the cover copy. If you’ve still got them they read the introduction. Notice they still haven’t bought. If you fail to keep them interested they never will. So your introduction has to grab your reader and hold them if you are ever going to sell your book.

But how do you write a book introduction?

In this article I’m going to give you a four step method to write a nonfiction book introduction that will keep your reader interested.

1. Finish The Rest Of The Book First

I know it sounds silly. Finish the rest of the book before you write the introduction. But there’s a reason. Even though you’ve designed a paragraph by paragraph outline, you won’t really know what you’ve said in the book until you’ve finished the book. All those extra words help you to prepare for writing the most important chapter in the book. They help you fill in the feel of the book and the attitude you wish to portray in your book.

2. Identify The Points You Want To Raise In The Introduction.

I didn’t say this would be in order did I? Well actually it is. When you design your book you will be putting in all the points that you want to raise in the book. After you’ve done that you need to put the points in that you want to cover in the introduction. When you’ve finished writing the book, review those points and add any others that you will need to make. In any case, before you begin to write your book introduction you’ll need to list all the points you want to include.

3. Decide On A Hook.

Now something in the whole list of points you’ve made in the book and in the words around those is going to be the most important thing there is to your reader. Something is going to grab their interest and force them to continue reading. Something is going to demand that they pay attention. That’s your hook. All you need to do is recast it into a form that will cause your reader to sit up and take notice.

4. Start Writing.

That’s all there is to it. Figure out what you are going to say. Figure out your hook and how you’re going to wake your reader’s interest. Then sit down and start writing. Slam the hook in as hard as you can and then reel them in with the rest of the points.

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