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Important Information Regarding Nimble Storage CS200 Series

We are living in a technology world with many revolutionary inventions. The impact of technological advancements can be seen on the businesses and their work style. Every business today, relies on a minimum of two technologies to ease the workload. Storage solutions have become a necessity for businesses to organize and manage the heavy workload.

Data storage products are some of the most important commodities in the Information Technology industry and performance is the key element in any storage solution.

Nimble is a company with a new breed of innovators and is starting to turn a lot of heads with a new hybrid approach to the storage game. Its versatile and peerless architecture has made its storage solutions to outstand others in the market. Additionally, its storage arrays come with high resilience capability and a variety of other high-end features to benefit businesses in different types of workload execution and handling. The company has developed patented algorithms to intelligently package, compress, and manage data in real time.
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Nimble storage CS arrays offers adaptive performance for all major business environments and applications such as server virtualization, SQL Server, Virtual server infrastructure, Exchange, and SharePoint. These storage arrays offer a great performance and cost-effective user experience.
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There are four series of storage arrays within the Nimble CS arrays; the CS700 series, CS 500 series, CS300 series, and the CS200 series. Selecting the best Nimble Storage array among the four is quite easy. The CS 200 series is ideal for mid-size IT firms, or remote offices supporting workloads such as Microsoft Exchange, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Just like other SC arrays, the Nimble Storage SC 200 series arrays offer a highly available, redundant controller layout that can scale non-disruptively to complement your storage performance and flexibility needs. You can scale the storage of these products to hundreds of terabytes by adding disk shelves. Also, performance can be enhanced by adding SSDs with a higher capacity that can support larger amounts of data. For added throughput, CS 200 systems can be upgraded to CS 400 non-disruptively.

Data integrity is always a priority in every organization. The CS 200 array address this with its efficient end-to-end data integrity approach.

The Nimble storage CS200 array use advanced data protection features like frequent point-in-time snapshots and WAN-efficient replication. The CS200 lends itself perfectly to data recovery. It does not matter if you are backing up in an offsite location or locally; replication is quick and forgiving.

Nimble storage CS 200 series come standard with complete software functionality and thus, there are no hidden costs. Another significant component of products in this storage array is InfoSight. It monitors the Nimble array individually and collectively, from the cloud, uses the data collected to pinpoint problems and offer solutions before they can bring systems down.

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