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Masonic Signet Ring: Freemason Seal of Authenticity

Masonic rings are mysterious to a lot of people, and same is true for attaining Masonic degrees. A master mason wears a masonic signet ring, a seal of authenticity, reminding him of his solemn promise, social obligation, and responsibility before men and the Great Architect of the Universe. Signet rings continue to play a great part of religion and royalty in different cultures throughout world history. Roman emperors, popes, kings, noblemen, and high ranking officials as a sign of power, nobility and importance. Masonic rings are binding, as true seal of brotherhood, and derived from true beauty and strength.

When observing the details of a masonic ring, the square and compasses define masonic ideologies, one triangle points upward into the heavens toward our Creator, and a triangle points downward toward the earth, where men and other creations live. There is no correct standard design that belongs to any of these masonic rings, as craftsmen create them in various styles. Aside from masonic rings, there are also rings such as eastern star rings, knights templar, shrine, past masters, Scottish rite, masonic military rings, and many more. When it becomes to the first creation of masonic signet ring, it was first created without any ornaments upon its face. An imprint of the symbol the wearer desires to display is cut or incised to its oversized flat metal surface. Masonic rings are made with or without the letter “G” in its center, with the symbolic masonic square and compasses. In order to create a positive image, a negative mold is formed, such as pouring lead into a form for creating a fishing weight. Usually using wax, a raised positive design defines a true masonic signet ring that is pressed onto accordingly. The material is forced into the area of the masonic ring’s face that is incised, when pressed onto a soft material, creating the raised image design on the material being stamped.

Most modern masonic signet rings are flat-face or raised-face since people don’t need to place a seal on wax today. Modern masonic jewelry is available in wide range of metals, jewels, and karats, that come in simple or elaborate designs. While there’s no dedicated finger or hand appropriate for masonic rings, most married men wear their masonic signet rings on their opposite hand from which they wear their wedding rings, on their third finger or a little finger. In the past, particularly in the United States, obtaining a master mason degree takes about seven years. At present, within a few months, members can already obtain their entered apprentice, fellow craft and master mason degrees in the United States, and other countries after one year.

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