Three Common Sports Injuries And How To Prevent Them From Occurring

Athletes and individuals who enjoy playing various types of sports are often plagued by injuries that affect the ankles, knees and elbows. Individuals can reduce the pain that’s caused by these injuries and speed up the healing process by following simple tips. Read the information below to learn about three kinds of common sports injuries and how they can be prevented.

Sprained Ankle

Spraining an ankle during a sporting activity is most often caused when an individual inadvertently turns their foot inward while running. This unnatural movement will cause the ligaments in the outer area of the ankle to tear or stretch. Since these specific ligaments aren’t very strong, they can easily become injured during a misstep. To cushion the ankle and provide the necessary support, many individuals wear an ankle sleeve that utilizes compression on areas where it’s needed most.

Knee Injury

One of the most prevalent injuries during a sports activity is a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament, also known as the ACL. This ligament connects the upper and lower leg bones, and it also stabilizes the knee. When a sports related injury causes a tear in this ligament, it can become very serious. Individuals can often treat a minor tear with physical therapy sessions. If the ligament is completely torn in two or if the knee causes unsteadiness while walking, surgery is often necessary. Individuals can protect this type of injury from occurring by wearing a knee stabilizer sleeve which supports the knee joint without restricting activity.

Tennis Elbow

Athletes and individuals who enjoy playing sports activities which causes repetitive movements of the elbow, such as tennis or golf, will often suffer from tennis elbow. This condition occurs when tiny tears form in the outermost tendon of the elbow or if it becomes irritated due to continual movement. Resting the elbow will normally clear up this painful condition and individuals can wear an elbow support to help prevent the injury from occurring. This product doesn’t limit elbow movement so an individual’s game will not be compromised while wearing the support sleeve.

To prevent sports related injuries and the pain that follows, individuals and professional athletes can protect themselves by wearing technological advanced stabilizers and supports. Visit the Mueller Sports Medicine website and click on this link to learn more information about these innovative products.

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